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In Greek for the Very First Time

P r i c e    L i s t

O u r   M i s s i o n

The mission of Loggia Publishing House is to introduce authors from around the world to Greek readers for the very first time.
We are primarily interested in literature and in new writers and writing styles.

O u r   B o o k l o o k

Loggia Publishing House Book Covers have been conceived and designed to make a simple but strong statement.
Three colors are used to differentiate three literary genres. Purple for Poetry, Yellow for Short Stories and Green for Novels.

O u r   P r e m i s e s

Loggia Publishing House’s new premises in downtown Athens has been polymorphically designed to serve as Loggia’s headquarters,
its bookstore, and also has a built in amphitheatrical space to host book presentations along with selected cultural events.

G r a n t s

We are proud to announce the following gracious endowments for our efforts and trust in our establishment.

The Goethe Institute Translations Grant Committee has endowed Loggia Publishing House with a grant towards
translation costs for the novel Apollokalypse, by Gerhard Falkner.

2019/02, 2021/07
The Romanian Cultural Institute has endowed Loggia Publishing House with a full grant towards translation costs

for the novels Întâmplări în irealitatea imediată and Inimi cicatrizate, by Max Blecher.

The Institut Ramon Llull has endowed Loggia Publishing House with a grant towards translation costs for the
novel Llibre d’Amic e Amat, by Ramon Llull.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Italy has endowed Loggia Publishing House
with a grant towards translation costs for the novel Dissipatio H.G., by Guido Morselli.

O u r   B o o k s


Nicola Pugliese, Dark Water, (Novel), Translation: Evanghelia Giannou, p.220 Malacqua, Nicola Pugliese, Ed. pr. 1977

Alden Nowlan, It’s Good to be Here, (An Anthology of Alden Nowlan’s Poetry), Translation: Giannis Palavos, Bilingual Edition, p.128

Max Blecher, Events in Immediate Irreality, (Novel), Translation: Victor Ivanovici, p.176
Întâmplări în irealitatea imediată, Max Blecher, Ed. pr. 1936

Eduard von Keyserling, Waves, (Novel), Translation: Anastasia Chatzigiannidi, p.214
Wellen, Eduard von Keyserling, Ed. Pr. 1911

Mario Andrea Rigoni, The dark side of the things, (Short stories collection, 2009-2017), Translation: Maria Frangouli,
Translation rights acquired by Mario Andrea Rigoni.

Eva Bey, My life with Nikos Karouzos, (Memoir, 2020), Copyright acquired by Eva Bey.

Gerhard Falkner, Apollokalypse, (Novel, 2016), Translation: Marina Agathagelidou. Translation rights acquired by Piper Verlag.

John Keene, Counternarratives, (Stories and Novellas, 2015), Translation: Yorgos Maragos.
Translation rights acquired by John Keene, represented by Straus Literary.

Max Blecher, Inimi Cicatrizate, (Novel, 19390, Translation: Victor Ivanovici, Copyright has expired.

Artemis Psilopoulou, What yet has not die, (Novella, 2022), Copyright acquired by Artemis Psilopoulou.

Vassilis Tsiboukis, Flatmate, 32 piano pieces, (Novella, 2022), Copyright acquired by Vassilis Tsiboukis.

Nikos Skalkottas, Letters of his youth, (Memoir, 2022), No translation Rights, Copyright has expired.

Itzhak Katzenelson, The Song of the Murdered Jewish People, (Poetry, 1944), Translation: Kostas Vrachnos, No translation Rights, Copyright has expired.

Tatiana Tolstaya, Aetherial worlds, (Stories and Novellas, 2018), Translation: Alexandra Ioannidou, Translation rights acquired by Tatiana Tolstaya represented by The Wylie Agency.

Guido Morselli, Dissipatio H.G., (Novel, 1977), Translation: Maria Frangouli. Translation rights acquired by Adelphi Edizioni.

Nikos Kornilios, The cypress of the sea depth, (Poetry),
Copyright acquired by Nikos Kornilios.


Ramon Llull, Llibre d’ Amic i Amat, (Medieval literature), Translation: Nikos Pratsinis, No translation Rights, Copyright has expired.

Dorothee Elmiger, Out of the sugar factory, (Novel, 2020), Translation: Iannis Kalifatidis, Translation rights acquired by Hanser Verlage.